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Xydus solves identity verification, onboarding and authentication friction, risks and costs with a single platform that flexes to fit any need.

Hero Background

A consistent philosophy as we evolve

We believe confidence in who you are talking to at any given time—employee or customer—should be achieved effectively and efficiently through technology. This philosophy will continue to guide our evolution:

Identity management must be free of human judgment. We are as sincere in this belief as we are transparent with our clients and partners on how our technology achieves unbiased assurance.

A successful future in a digital world requires a focus on eliminating the friction and broken experiences that currently exist in identity management—for your customers, your employees, and everyone involved in the process.

Technology is the only way to deliver the consistency that identity authentication requires. Our platform gives clients control of their risk exposure by delivering consistent outputs from anywhere across their enterprise and the world.

Our Mission and Values

We set out to solve a serious problem. The result is a solution of real value—a principled approach to identity. We’re very sincere about this.

“I can’t think of a much bigger challenge for where we are technically in the world than doing something helpful around core identity.” - Russell King

Our founder’s words led to our company’s start in 2012 and still drive the mission and values of Xydus today. An eye for seeing solutions is motivated by an eye for identifying problems, and we set our sights on transforming a fractured end-to-end process in identity management.

The world of digital business will continue to evolve and challenges will arise and shift within it. Our mission is constant; fixing identity management from the inside, while allowing our technology to flex with the evolution of the businesses and processes it’s serving. No matter how much the world around us changes, we will remain resolute in our commitment to our values and how they guide our work and relationships with our clients and partners.


Transparency is key to helping our clients understand exactly how our technology delivers against our promises. Only with transparency can we help our clients feel empowered and successful in achieving their vision.


We’ve created technology that delivers intuitive usability and makes authentication feel effortless for end users. And we apply the same principle of simplicity to our partners’ experiences when working with our technology or our team.


Our solution integrates with other technologies, across different processes and over geographies. Creating a technology that is built to flex requires a team of people that can listen, adapt, and solve identity management problems with every client, every time.


Our people

Be assured of who people are through our platform. Know who we are with an introduction to our team of problem-solvers.

Russell King

CEO at Xydus

Founder and CEO of Xydus, a suite of identity products that provide a safe and secure assurance of identity by combining facial recognition and ID validation.

Peter Parker

Chief Marketing Officer

Design strategy & marketing specialist with over 25 years experience in the creative industry. With an in-depth knowledge of the creative process, working in the UK and abroad across a diverse range of disciplines.


With Xydus, you create identity management continuity that evolves with your needs - today, tomorrow and beyond.

Problem-solving is what we do best. Let’s talk about where you are, how you hope to evolve and how the Xydus platform can serve you.


Join our team

We’re growing, and fast! We have opportunities across all departments in the US and UK. We’d love to hear from you