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Paycasso is now Xydus

Fixing identity for an expansive world

Deliver seamless experiences that move with the identity as it moves through the enterprise so you can be assured of who people are, wherever they are.

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Seamless experience management

Enroll and reuse individual identities across the enterprise for seamless and efficient identity management.

Flexible continuity

Configure and reconfigure the technology to fit any process for scaled continuity in enterprise-wide verification and authentication

Unbiased assurance

Unbias and clarify verification decision-making with stand-alone technology that interrogates every element of proven identification.

Solution-orientated Partnerships

Create an enterprise-wide identity continuum with software developed to flex into any process or technology

Fulfill every authentication requirement with consistency & transparency

The Xydus platform codifies and cross-checks every readable component of government issued IDs, to deliver consistent binary, fact-based outputs so your organization can scale with full control over automated verification decisioning.

Face distinguishing verification technology

Our stand-alone technology removes human bias, delivering purely algorithmic-based verification and authentication derived from government-issued documents that include the face.

Seamless identity management and user experience across the enterprise

Xydus enables you to enroll and reuse the identity wherever it goes across the enterprise, simplifying the user experience for the individual.

Flexible and configurable to any process or tech stack

Xydus is built to integrate into any existing process or system, so an identity can be applied in multiple applications across the enterprise, seamlessly.

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Use cases

Transform fractured verification processes and create identity management continuity that evolves with your needs—for today, tomorrow and beyond.

Enterprise identity & access management

Onboard, enroll, and authenticate with a single platform.

Step-up authentication with elevated identity assurance invoked in transaction flow and triggered by risk profile.

Ensure compliance with systems audits, providing user activity logging data down to the individual.

Enrollment and reuse of user’s digital identity

Deliver a friction-free onboarding experience for individuals, accounts, partners, and your team without sacrificing speed or security.

Drive a delightful employee eligibility verification experience with a turnkey enterprise solution to fulfill all local regulatory requirements.

Identity transformation for digital business

Remove human bias while reducing costs and simplifying processes to drive new operating and partner models to support your digital ambitions.

Digital identity framework empowers identity management throughout the lifecycle of users and supports an iterative approach to deployment strategy.

Financial services regulation

Regulation - Overcome evolving regulatory challenges with transparent technology that eliminates the potential for human error.

KYC - Ensure compliance with global regulators with turnkey connected identity solutions, so you truly know your customers, today and tomorrow.

AML - Eliminate regulatory fines with ML-driven technology delivering real-time alerts on potential compliance flags.

Healthcare records and accessing digital services

Fraud prevention - Detect and prevent fraud instantly with AI / ML identity software that eliminates human bias.

Public sector - citizen’s onboarding, electronic ID verification

Age verification - Protect minors by verifying the user's age before granting access to digital content that is restricted and/or inappropriate due to the user’s age.

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Recent years have seen massive disruption to the working patterns and online behaviors of millions of consumers and employers, making Xydus more relevant than ever. A decade ago, faced with a digitally expanding world, we could not think of a much bigger challenge to address than core identity.
Russell King Founder & CEO Xydus

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Create identity management continuity that
evolves with your needs - today, tomorrow and beyond.

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