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Restructuring consumer credit operations

How Xydus enabled Vodafone to streamline its ambitious new platform and restructuring of customer credit delivering security and convenience.



The use of digital channels is expanding rapidly in the telecommunications industry, replacing out-dated legacy sales and service channels. British multinational Vodafone has operations across 22 countries and constantly tackles risk around identity verification, fraud and consumer credit processes. The company interacts with a customer credit file at different points – contract applications, pay as you go deals, hardware sales and missed payments. When Vodafone needed to restructure consumer credit for the unbanked, they called upon Xydus to resolve critical challenges in securely verifying identity and ultimately crucial automated decision making.


Transforming credit operations across the entire consumer journey (including pivotal areas such as compliance and customer service), required an eight-figure investment in a new platform. The advanced turnkey solution would connect Vodafone and its risk partners (FICO, TU), allowing them to significantly expand the potential customer pool.


Our solution provided a turnkey, standalone solution, communications to users and mobile app with biometric ID verification. The highly automated, scalable tech minimises user friction and delivers an exceptional user experience. Our REST API enabled FICO systems to consume real-time outcomes. The solution’s flexibility caught the attention of additional Vodafone business units, looking to simplify and streamline the identity verification of Vodafone customers throughout the lifecycle of the relationship with Vodafone, demonstrating broader organic utilisation and represented additional accretive value.

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